Les Pralets - 59 route de la Cochette, Puget - 74410 Saint Eustache / +33 (0)6 50 25 67 59




Ernest and Marcelle DUCRET, Colette’s grandparents, lived in the mêson.
They had four children; Monique, Colette’s mother, left Saint Eustache in 1956 to start a family in Vulbens in the Genevan plain.

Colette and Roland married in 1985 and decided in 1992 to move to Saint Eustache with their children.

In 2000, enlarging their house allowed them to open three bed and breakfasts and a rural cottage.  Les Pralets was born.

In 2004, with the renovation of the mêson, 2 new cottages and a bed and breakfast were opened.

In 2011, the final piece, with the rehabilitation of the grange.


Pralets: pastures, “milk meadows” (pré à lait)
Traditionnally, Colette’s grandmother brought her visitors to the meadow to admire the lake.
La Magne: isolated hamlet
Le Pêle: a room heated by a stove
Le Fénil: the place where hay is stored
Dava: below
Damo: above
Le Farto: cellar, vault for fruit, cheese, wine, potatoes…

Le Soli: floor of a hay barn